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Special thanks to the Jeremy and Megan Fogelson Family who have sponsored a full set of stones

We have learned that the demand for curling in our community is strong. The stones and equipment used in our inaugural season were on loan from the US Curling Association (USCA). We are grateful for their support and were thrilled to see the overwhelming response to curling in Rochester! The USCA stones have moved on to a new curling club, and we have purchased a used set of stones and equipment using personal loans from a few club members. To pay those personal loans back, fundraising is a major focus.

We are also looking at options for additional ice time to provide opportunities for both experienced and new curlers to join our growing group.

Opportunities For Support

Please see the menu on the following page for opportunities to support the next phase of our Club’s growth. Contact us to discuss additional ideas for partnership. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support!






Set of 8 stones 


Individual or business name engraved on one (1) set of eight (8) curling stones. 


Broom Sponsor 

Name or logo printed on durable labels to be placed on thrity-two (32) curling brooms. 


Scoreboard Sponsor


Name or logo prominently displayed on one (1) scoreboard to be used during all league, instructional, and exhibition events. 


Stabilizer Sponsor 


Name or logo printed on durable labels to be placed on eight (8) stabilizers. 


League Sponsor 


Name or logo printed on league banner to be displayed al all CCR league events. 


Name a Stone


Individual or business name engraved on one (1) curling stone 

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